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Journal of Cardio-Vascular-Thoracic Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Society - GKD Anest Yoğ Bak Dern Derg: 27 (1)
Volume: 27  Issue: 1 - 2021

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4.Publication Policies and Writing Guide

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5.The Importance of Extravascular Lung Water Measurement in Major Surgeries
Baturay Kansu Kazbek, Perihan Ekmekçi
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2021.04935  Pages 1 - 13 (14 accesses)

6.Ultrasound-Guided Transverse Thoracic Muscle Plane Injection vs. Topical Spraying of Papaverine for LIMA Harvesting: A Pilot Study
Muhammed Enes Aydin, Sümeyye Al, Ahmet Murat Yayik, Ugur Kaya, Abdurrahim Colak
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2021.54154  Pages 14 - 20 (12 accesses)

7.Comparison of Standard Endotracheal Tube and Endotracheal Tube with Subglottic Secretion Drainage in Patients Undergoing Open Heart Surgery; Risk of Developing Postoperative Nosocomial Pneumonia
Zeki Talas, Tülay Çardaközü, Emel Azak, Sibel Gür
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2021.36034  Pages 21 - 29 (50 accesses)

8.The Effect of Two Different Types of Anesthesia on Postoperative Liver Functions in Patients with Coronary Bypass with Metabolic Syndrome
Hülya Yiğit Özay, Aslı Demir, Melike Kaya Bahçecitapar
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2021.63634  Pages 30 - 37 (9 accesses)

9.The Relation of Intraoperative Renal Oxygen Saturation Change with Postoperative Acute Kidney Injury
Mustafa Emre Gürcü, Atakan Erkılınç, Pinar Karaca Baysal, Fatih Yılmaz, Tuncer Koçak
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2021.82621  Pages 38 - 43 (19 accesses)

10.Determination of Mortality in Cardiac Surgery: Is Cardiac Surgery Scoring (CASUS) System Effective?
Senem Polat, Nurgul Yurtseven
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2021.46547  Pages 44 - 50 (14 accesses)

11.Neuromuscular Block Management in Tracheal Stenosis Surgery; Retrospective Evaluation
Sedat Saylan, Ali Akdogan
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2021.49403  Pages 51 - 58 (13 accesses)

12.Our Anesthesia Experiences in the Tracheobronchial Foreign Body Aspirations of Pediatric Patients During Rigid Bronchoscopy
Yiğit Şahin, Tülay Çardaközü, Hüseyin Fatih Sezer
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2021.31032  Pages 59 - 65 (11 accesses)

13.The Impact of Videothoracoscopic Sympathectomy on Quality of Life in the Treatment of Primary Hyperhidrosis: A Single Center Experience
Hüseyin Fatih Sezer, Aykut Eliçora
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2021.94940  Pages 66 - 73 (13 accesses)

14.The Comparison of Noninvasive Ventilation, High-Flow Oxygen Therapy and Conventional Oxygen Therapy for Weaning Failure in High-Risk Patients
İbrahim Mungan, Sema Turan
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2021.05025  Pages 86 - 95 (13 accesses)

15.Measurement of the Endotracheal Tube Diameter Using Computed Tomography Images for Pediatric Patients: Comparison with Classic Formulas
Hatice Dilek Özcanoğlu, Berna Türkay, Neşe Kutlutürk Şahin, Zahide Özlem Ulubay, Ayşe Sevinc Revanlı, Kamil Toker
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2021.37167  Pages 96 - 102 (12 accesses)

16.Postoperative COVID-19 Infection After Pediatric Cardiac Surgery: Two Cases
Omer Faruk Savluk, Yasemin Yavuz, Nihat Cine, Abdullah Arif Yilmaz, Aysu Türkmen Karaağaç, Mehmet Emirhan Işik, Hakan Ceyran
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2021.43765  Pages 103 - 106 (16 accesses)

17.Stellate Ganglion Blockade in Digital Ischemia Due to Raynaud’s Phenomenon: A Case Report
Murat Mehel, Deniz Kara, Ayda Turkoz
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2021.66934  Pages 107 - 110 (1 accesses)

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