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Checklıst For Authors

  • Make sure that name of the author (s), information about the institution thank you letter about ethics committee etc. are not included in the study. This issue is important according to the ‘double- blind review principle’ concerning the evaluation process of your work so that it can be dealt with impartially.
  • You should not forget that your study will be subject to plagiarism audit if it is deemed to be adequate and appropriate in terms of the subject and you should avoid making quotations that will be covered by plagiarism when preparing the work
  • If your article is derived from a study, a thesis, abstract of a case report, poster, etc. be sure to cite it in a footnote and specify its date.
  • Please fill out the form and upload it to the system, as you cannot proceed to the next step without uploading the copyright transfer form to your system. It is sufficient to communicate it in the online system, you do not need to communicate this information in printed form.
  • If your work has been returned to you for revision, and you have made a change in the title and summary of your work, please update it during preparation of the article
  • There cannot be any changes in your article once its published. Therefore we advise you strongly to examine your article carefully when last check e-mail sent to you and if there is any neccesary revisions you have to make please send them to us before the journal is published.

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