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Journal of Cardio-Vascular-Thoracic Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Society - GKD Anest Yoğ Bak Dern Derg: 29 (4)
Volume: 29  Issue: 4 - 2023
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2.Effects of the Anesthesia Type on Hematological Parameters in Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
Tuna Şahin, Semiha Görgün, Suat Karaca, İbrahim Özsöyler
doi: 10.14744/GKDAD.2023.83584  Pages 177 - 182 (153 accesses)

3.Anesthesia Management in Non-Intubated Thoracoscopic Surgery (NIVATS): A Retrospective Study
Mete Manici, Eren Yavuz Açıkalın, Yavuz Gürkan
doi: 10.14744/GKDAD.2023.38233  Pages 183 - 185 (143 accesses)

4.The Effects of Iron Therapy on Blood Transfusion, Length of Intensive Care Stay and Mortality in Patients with Iron Deficiency Anemia in the Intensive Care Unit
Yusuf Özgüner, Savaş Altınsoy, Eda Macit Aydın, Gülten Ütebey, Mehmet Murat Sayın, Jülide Ergil
doi: 10.14744/GKDAD.2023.75768  Pages 186 - 192 (144 accesses)

5.Early versus Late Application of Hemoadsorption in Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients with Cytokine Release Syndrome
Berrin Er, Sema Turan, Hayriye Cankar Dal, Çilem Bayındır Dicle, Nilgün Eren Çakaroğlu, Şeyda Özkan, Dilek Kazancı
doi: 10.14744/GKDAD.2023.16779  Pages 193 - 199 (116 accesses)

6.Prognostic Efficacy of Red Cell Distribution Width and Neutrophil/Lymphocyte in Cardiac Surgery
Ferda Yaman, Tuğba Özyurt, Dilek Çetinkaya
doi: 10.14744/GKDAD.2023.92678  Pages 200 - 203 (123 accesses)

7.Effect of Cold Application on Pain After Chest Tube Removal in Patients Undergoing Bypass Surgery
Ezgi Karalar, Hatice Erdoğan
doi: 10.14744/GKDAD.2023.24482  Pages 204 - 210 (137 accesses)

8.Totally Implantable Venous Access Devices: Study of 1,613 Patients and Complication Management
Nadide Örs Yıldırım
doi: 10.14744/GKDAD.2023.37640  Pages 211 - 217 (142 accesses)

9.Perioperative Desaturation after Onyx (DMSO) Embolization before Surgery
Abdullah Aydın Özcan, Hüseyin Aybar, Alper Uçak
doi: 10.14744/GKDAD.2023.40370  Pages 218 - 221 (147 accesses)

10.Rhomboid Intercostal Plane Block After Thoracoscopic Pleurectomy
Mete Manici
doi: 10.14744/GKDAD.2023.65049  Pages 222 - 223 (143 accesses)
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