ISSN 1305 - 5550
Journal of Cardio-Vascular-Thoracic Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Society GKD Anest Yoğ Bak Dern Derg: 25 (2)

Volume: 25  Issue: 2 - 2019


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3.Publication Policies and Writing Guide

Pages VI - XI

4.Biomarkers in the detection of acute renal failure associated with cardiac surgery
Emel Gündüz, Tülin Aydoğdu Titiz
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2019.63497  Pages 79 - 88

5.Risk Factors for Sepsis Following Congenital Heart Surgery
Yasemin Yavuz, Nurgul Yurtseven, Numan Ali Aydemir, Oktay Korun, Serap Şimşek-Yavuz
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2019.99815  Pages 89 - 95

6.Comparison of The Effects of Percutaneous Catheter Insertion with Anatomic Landmark or Ultrasonography Guided Techniques on Hospital Cost in Children
Yahya Yıldız
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2019.03880  Pages 96 - 101

7.Transfusion In Pediatric Heart Surgery: Prospective, Observational Study
Feride Karacaer, Ebru Biricik, murat türkeün ılgınel, demet lafli tunay, MEHMET ŞAH TOPÇUOĞLU
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2019.78300  Pages 102 - 112

8.Newly Developed Major Neurological Injury After Open Heart Surgery
Şerife Gökbulut Bektaş, Mine Altınkaya Çavuş, Aslı Demir
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2019.18291  Pages 113 - 118

9.Assessment of the results of early and medium-term of mitral valve repairs
Fikri Mehmet Yapıcı
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2019.57442  Pages 119 - 125

10.Postoperative renal damage in heart surgery
Mine Altınkaya Çavuş, Şerife Gökbulut Bektaş, Aslı Demir
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2019.29200  Pages 126 - 132

11.Very rare malposition of a central venous catheter into the left internal mammary vein in patient with coronary artery disease
Elif Coşkun, Levent Altınay, Rahşan Dilek Okyay, Anıl Tekin, Ufuk Tütün
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2019.53824  Pages 133 - 136

12.Complete Rupture Of Right Main Bronchus Characterized by Expanded Lung: A Case Report
Hıdır Esme, Hasan Doğan
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2019.15238  Pages 137 - 140

13.New member to join the family of vasopressors in septic shock: methylene blue (dual case report)
Şerife Gökbulut Bektaş, Mine Altınkaya Çavuş
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2019.42103  Pages 141 - 144

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